Rotating Billboard with jQuery

Billboard with changing picturesIn 1998, I have presented “Meier’s billboard”, A virtual display panel with changing images. Technically it is a Java-applet. Unfortunately, the reputation of Java-applets in the browser was bad and there was not much interest in my Java-applets.

In the meantime, the networks became more powerful, the computers became faster, and thanks to CSS, we got new design elements. One day I was dealing with the JavaScript framework “jQuery”. I came across the animate()-method, and I wondered: “is it possible to realize the billboard only with JavaScript?”

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Multilingual Websites with Ruby on Rails (2)

Part 2 – Variables, Validations, Model Classes

Web pages often contains sentences in which a single word is changing. For example, “You are logged in as xxxx.” For the translation, we can obviously assemble the sentence from the components. There is often a problem, because the order of the words is different in different languages .

A better solution is the so-called interpolation, as Ruby itself also offers. The string contains a marked variable, which will be replaced at run time. The Yaml file specification does not use the Ruby syntax. Instead, you mark the variable with double curly brackets.

# Definition
  logmsg: "You are logged in as {{name}}."
# call
I18n.translate(:logmsg, :name => 'Administrator')
# or short form
t :logmsg, :name => 'Administrator'

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SQL: Set a Field from a linked Table

A little hack for the Joomla Community Builder

Recently, I received a job request. An existing web application will be greatly expanded, and therfore converted to use the CMS “Joomla”. For the management of members  the extension “Community Builder” will be used.
Previously, users had a number as login name. This number should now be available in a field “member number” (german: mitgliedsnummer), and the numbers from existing users should be transferred. So much for the request from a customer perspective. Continue reading “SQL: Set a Field from a linked Table”

Multilingual Websites with Ruby on Rails

Part 1 – Overview

Writing software for several languages is an ever recurrent challenge. Ruby on Rails provides solutions to most of the standard problems in web development. But it needed time until the version 2.2. for the “Internationalization API ” to become an official part of Ruby on Rails. .

The Ruby-On-Rails Internationalization module

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Jad Check on the servers from Google

jad check service for online test of your jad files The Jad check is a quality assurance tool for providers of mobile Java software.

The check examines the so-called Jad file on frequently occurring errors. Some errors are otherwise very hard to find, so you save time during troubleshooting. Other errors leads to installation problems on only a few phones. According to Murphy Law, typically the phones of the most important customers. As a provider the test helps to avoid trouble and increases your customer satisfaction.

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