Slip Danger: Google Sitemaps

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Slip Danger

Slip DangerMost website owners want their pages to be well found through Google. So Google needs to be aware of each of your web pages and “understand” them. In order to help Google to find each important page, you can create a special file called “Google Sitemap”. So far so good.

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Pizza on the beach

A use case for the mobile web.

Summer with friends at Flensburgs beach. In the late afternoon we get hungry. How about pizza? W. says, that the pizza service “Joeys” would deliver here. However, we have no flyer of them, not to mention a phone book. What we have are many phones. Continue reading “Pizza on the beach”

How to fetch remote data with the App Engine

You can use the App Engine to retrieve web pages or other information from foreign servers and process them in your python program.

This must obviously be limited, because the abuse potential is very high. Therefore you can not call all possible Internet services. You can retrieve only “web pages” or everything that a Web server is offering on port 80 or 443.

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Upload Files with the AppEngine

If you want process an uploaded file in a cgi-programm, you often need to juggle with temporary files. How to do it with the Python in the AppEngine? Because you don’t have write access to a traditonal file system in this highly distrubuted environment. I have searched a while in the documentation. Finally, in an example for picture processing, I found the solution.

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App Engine: first notes

Google makes it possible to run own web applications on their servers. I tried out their offer. Here are my first notes:

Requirement is the programming language Python. There is an SDK, which let you run your applications on your own computer before uploading. An there is also a tutorial.

I installed the SDK in version 1.1 and checked out the tutorial.

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