Projects & Experiences

  • World wide ocean trade: improve container management and develop new Track & Trace solution.
  • Logistic startup: build up a devlopment team for web applications.
  • Wholesale: development of a microservice based warehouse management system. Development of a self service kiosk.
  • Mobile Learning: Foundation of Handylearn Projects. Concept and development of apps for mobile phones. Participation in research project founded by German Ministry of Research and Education:
    Supporting electrician apprentices with mobile phones.
  • Benchmark for water supply companies: Web application for structured data entry.
  • Mobile Data Management: Co-development of a system for managing personal information management and multimedia data. Development of clients for Symbian phones, Pocket PCs and Linux PDAs.
  • CHI2004: Participation in the Conference on Computer-Human Interaction in Vienna.
  • SyncML SDK: Co-development of a platform independent SDK for synchronization using the XML language SyncML.
  • Employment Online: a study to improve the efficiency of one of the most important web sites in Germany.
  • Cynigma: Requirements analysis of a personalized internet platform with the help of use cases.
  • Cycosmos.de: A high-traffic search engine and a communication platform. Head of software development.
  • CHI2000: Participation in the Conference on Computer-Human Interaction in The Hague.
  • Kolibri: simulation of a slot machine to operate an Internet search engine.
  • c’t magazine article on security in CGI programs.
  • NewLaw: maintenance of an internet service designed to find legal judgments.
  • ICSE 1996: Participation in the Conference on Software Engineering.
  • Page Assembler: database-driven pagination of newspaper advertisements.
  • Convert QuarkXPress pages to HTML including site management.
  • Newspaper Utilities: Extension of a layout program for newspaper publishers.
  • Code Dial Server: Telephony Application
  • Billing: database interface and graphical user interface for the billing of parking.
  • Emergency Server: back-up system for the processing of stock orders.
  • Process Visualization: graphical console for a process computer that controls a concrete mixing plant.
  • Textile Printing: Calculation of the color effect of dye mixtures.
  • SUPRENUM: Parallelization of wind tunnel simulations to optimize them for a multiprocessor system.

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