Counter with pie chart

Just created a new video and uploaded it to YouTube, it shows the Android port of Handylearn Counter. I especially like how the pie chart dynamically changes with presses of the buttons.

The original J2ME version has now six-digit download numbers and is particularly popular in India, Mexico and Argentina.

The android version let you swipe between the counting screen, a bar chart screen and a pie chat screen


CoObeya is a network of experts for innovations. I am a member, and now our website is online. The Co stands for Co-Operation, Co-Laboration, Co-Creation, Obeya is a culture of innovation used in the Japanese high-tech industry, where the development of new products happens in a large room and intersects departments and even company borders. CoObeya Banner



There is an article about Ushahidi on the ACM-Website. Ushahidi is a remarkable system that was originally used for election monitoring in Kenya.

The system is used to collect, evaluate, visualize and map reports or eyewitness accounts. The central element is a web server. There are mobile apps for different devices, but information can also be gathered via SMS. The system is now being used in disaster relief, as well as “community” projects (in terms of regional communities). More information is available in the Ushahidi wiki and in this presentation by Heather Leson.