Android in the Enterprise

Two lectures at Droidcon

Companies with mobile workers can optimize their business processes with mobile devices. At the conference droidcon 2014 in Berlin, I was able to listen to a practice report and a manufacturer lecture.

Android devices have been designed by Google as personal devices. So they offer a wide range of entertainment and social networking options. But we have very different requirements to support mobile workers.

The fields of application are limited, but the services must have a very high reliability. You don’t want to go the risk that users reduce reliability by installing their own apps. Not to mention the risk of corporate data leakage.

If work processes are documented with the device, it can be a problem that a user can change the date and time of the device.

Essentially, there are two possible solutions:

If only an app is needed, we can automatically start it and run ii in a kind of kiosk mode. The app need to prevent breaking out, for example it need suppress the home button.

For slightly higher requirements, different companies offers so-called “mobile device management” (MDM) solutions. A typical MDM solution has an admin console to do tasks like installing apps and settings centrally for all devices.

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